Specializing in New Construction

We work with all trades specializing in plumbing, mechanical and electrical Firestop systems. In addition to standard Firestop systems, LCF will provide site specific engineering judgments (EJs) when necessary. Our projects include stadiums, health care and hospital facilities, hotels, airports and other large commercial projects.

Renovations and Remodels

Every project has its own specific Firestop needs. As a certified Firestop systems contractor, LCF will meet those needs. From a single compartment within a building to a multi-level commercial facility, LCF can handle it all.

Special Order Materials

When we encounter an unconventional need, we will provide the necessary system and products to meet that need and restore the required rating. Whether that need is any type of firestopping, smoke spread, head of wall applications, expansion joint  applications, fire rated duct wrap, etc.



Founded in Boca Raton, FL in 2009, we have continued to grow and work with the South Florida construction community. We specialize in all types of Firestop systems. The key to our business is building relationships with the best contractors, and to grow with them.

With today's challenging construction environment, our certified installers are trained and insured to be productive, efficient and resourceful. 





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